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Read before applying for staff! Empty Read before applying for staff!

Post by Casseh[PM] on Tue Jul 05, 2011 6:44 am

Here are some things to keep in mind when applying for staff. It is to show you that being a staff member isn't always that easy.

1 - Players will constantly beg you for items, Icps and gold.

2 - Players will lie to you in order to get free items, Icps and gold.

3 - Players will often ask for events.

4 - Players will expect you to be constantly online and expect you to stop whatever you are doing in order for you to answer them.

5 - While in PK Arena players expect for you to always revive them.

6 - Players do not think it is fair for a GM/PM to have an alt account and do not appreciate you pking them on an alt account or join in on events and join in guild war.

7 - As much as you dislike someone you have to be polite to them and help them out.

8 - No matter how much of a bad mood you are in you have to be nice to players. If you seem you cannot do this, do not bother going online.

9 - Being a GM/PM does not give you free items, Icps and gold.

10 - You cannot pk on your GM/PM account.

11 - You cannot hunt on your GM/PM account.

I have posted this only to give out an outline of what being a GM/PM is like and to help base your decision on applying and I did not mean to offend anyone. So I apologize in advance if I did offend anyone.


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