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Apply for Staff Here

Post by Casseh[PM] on Tue Jul 05, 2011 6:54 am

Keep in mind to include as much information as possible while applying for a GM/PM position.

Examples to include would be:

- Name
- Age
- In game name
- Location
- Languages spoken
- Hours available to be online
- Reason for wanting to be a GM/PM
- Reason why we should choose you to be a GM/PM
- Former experience
- Knowledge of IncognitoCo
- Tell us a little about yourself

We do not always need new staff so please be patient and we will review your application with time.


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Re: Apply for Staff Here

Post by cjhi on Wed Jul 06, 2011 12:12 am

- Name- Colton Irwin.

- Age- I am 21 Years old.

- In game name- ~GONZ~

- Location- In the country outside Selkirk Manitoba Canada

- Languages spoken- I speak English and French along with a bit of Spanish, German, Latin and Gaelic.

- Hours available to be online- I am able to be online most all evening after work so anytime after 5pm usually. Till around midnight or so. Weekends I am always around home and usually online and close by if not.

- Reason for wanting to be a GM/PM- I like to help people any way possible. I also really enjoy this server and want to do my part to keep it a smooth running CO society.

- Reason why we should choose you to be a GM/PM- I am polite given most any circumstance. I will hold myself to high standards on here as I do in real life. I follow a strict set of personal rules which of course will be second to server rules, My rules I never break. I shall treat this servers rules the same.

- Former experience- I have played Conquer Online since the beginning, I started playing just after the original Conquer Online was opened after a beta test. I played before there was such a thing as Potency or BP as it is now. I have played and been staff member on numerous servers including War-CO my very first server (rank started player, Advanced to co owner/PM) and my most recent Xanity-CO (rank started Player, Advanced up through to PM) with numerous servers in between those two many having been a staff member. I played all the servers I was staff on until they were shutdown for whichever reason.

- Knowledge of IncognitoCo- I have played here just a short time that I cannot argue that. But in that time I've made it my goal to learn as much as possible about this server such as, Best ways to gain cps, Best places to Lvl, Different tournaments and regular events that happen within the server, And so on. I will gladly answer questions to test my knowledge to see if I have enough knowledge to help like I hope to.

- Tell us a little about yourself- My life hasn't been the easiest out there. I don't want to go into details here, Just check my XAT profile if you wish to know or PM me. I work full time as a diesel mechanic and own my own shop. I do every repair and upgrade by the book and have earned myself a very good reputation locally. I also went through school for a computers major in which I plan to soon obtain my masters degree. If there is anything else anyone wishes to know feel free to ask.

Thanks for your time and consideration, Sincerely Gonz.


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Re: Apply for Staff Here

Post by TenDollah on Wed Jul 06, 2011 4:05 am

- Name; Darcy Foulkes
- Age; 20
- In game name; $10.00
- Location; Canada, Alberta.
- Languages spoken; some french and english.
- Hours available to be online; Whenever it doesn't interfere with my work in real.
- Reason for wanting to be a GM/PM; My reason for wanting to be a GM or PM is because I feel I have the experience needed to make the game more fun for the players.
- Reason why we should choose you to be a GM/PM; I believe you should choose me as a GM or PM because I have experience in GMing and PMing pservers of CO.
- Former experience; DisturbedCO, some other No name CO servers that the owners abandoned because of DDoSers.
- Knowledge of IncognitoCo; I know about everything in it.. Literally, when I get bored I walk around on there and find new things.
- Tell us a little about yourself; I have basicly no life. I have been on CO for years and years originally from Dragon server, I hate filling out applications with a passion. I am more than willing to stay up for days on end to help moderate. I used to code for a living for a company based in the US, but I stopped due to schooling. I apologize for the crappy application, I havnt slept in a while.

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Re: Apply for Staff Here

Post by moneymakersz on Wed Jul 06, 2011 9:58 pm

- Name: Cammie
- Age: 17
- In game name: ~StylelisticsZ
- Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
- Languages spoken: Vietnamese, Cantonese, English, Spanish, & French
- Hours available to be online: 12:00PM - 10:00PM Eastern Time
- Reason for wanting to be a GM/PM: I have experience with conquer for 7 years. Played on real co Wild Kingdom/Dragon Server. Worked with different various private servers [i.e VeteranCo, VortexCo, RappelzCo, UnforgivenCo, ForsakendCo & many more], and am always active and up for a challenge. I love to help people out, especially newcomers & make the server as fun as possible.
- Reason why we should choose you to be a GM/PM: I am a friendly person, easy to reach. I have respect towards everyone no matter what race. I love to work with people & have fun. I would help think of new events and contribute ideas that would go towards making the server better and more fun for everyone else. As well, fairness is a key. I am always fair with people & I obey rules. I will report any hacks/bots if seen & stop people from abusing glitches or bugs that occur.
- Former experience: Webdesigning & editing, in game gm/pm commands & a bit of coding.
- Knowledge of IncognitoCo: Been playing for 3 months now if counted as a previous player. I am able to help newcomers and guide them around in game [i.e. UpgradeArea, Jade Kylins, Spouse Quest, etc.]
- Tell us a little about yourself: My name is Cammie, I am 17 years old. I am vietnamese & live in Toronto, Canada. My interests are sports, music, djing, conquer, partying & chilling with friends. I've started playing co when I was 10 years old, but I prefer private servers mostly. I am respectful towards my enemies, friends and everyone else. I will still help newcomers even if I wasn't chosen as a staff. Being a staff doesn't give full advantage of everything.
Thank you for considering my application! Very Happy

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Re: Apply for Staff Here

Post by Äudacity on Fri Jul 08, 2011 1:45 am

- Josh
- 16
- Äudacity
- Twinsburg, Ohio
- English and i can read latin =D
- nights durring the weekdays and every other weekend
- i want GM because i think id be a great addition to this badass list of GMs and PMs that we already have and the GMs that we have are rarely on they are all PMs, well at least when im on anyways
- i think u should consider me because i like to help people and answer their questions also because ive put a lot of time into this server let alone money and i clearly want it to be a successful well running server
- ive been a GM on a server called Epiotme it was a server that was EXACTLY like this one but it was like last yearishhhhhhhhhhh so i pretty much already know what to do. i was going to be made a PM there untill the owners closed it down for whatever reason
- ive been here for like a month or so now and i know where everything is and i know about everything so i would be a large help to anyone that asks me a question about anything
- i play football and own my own business that is why im not on durring the day and play at night, i also wrestle and i won states 2 years ago. i own my own apartment and my girlfriend lives with me most of the time, and that pretty much sums it up =)

thankyou =)


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Re: Apply for Staff Here

Post by Misz.Omg on Wed Jul 20, 2011 1:49 am

- Name Angelica
- Age 32
- In game name Misz.omG
- Location Chicago
- Languages spoken English/Spanish
- Hours available to be online 10 am to unknown.. Sometimes i have no life and can be on alot lmmfao.
- Reason for wanting to be a GM/PM Well I feel I can proved lot of help when needed with the none english speaking players and also im addicted to Incognitoco... OmG i admitted it!!! lol
- Reason why we should choose you to be a GM/PM Well its really up to you to decided I can only say that well im a fast learner and would be able to help a lot and when needed.
- Former experience Besides playing 54561624651654 of hours on Co none lol.
- Knowledge of IncognitoCo Well I know the basics that there is to know and well the rest i would learn fast i hope Neutral ....
- Tell us a little about yourself Hmmmm about me.. Mother, student to become Medical Assistant. Big Time Co addict. T Played I Quit I Addicted..... Shocked


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Re: Apply for Staff Here

Post by Immune on Sat Jul 23, 2011 3:30 am

- Name- Cody Diller <3
- Age- 16
- In game name- Immune
- Location- Akron, Ohio
- Languages spoken - English, a tiny bit of spanish (still learning)
- Hours available to be online- During summer, ALL day, during school year, After school which is 3:00 PM till around 1-2 AM EST <3
- Reason for wanting to be a GM/PM- I wish to be GM/PM because I have a lot of respect for this server, its one of the best i played. And i would love to help it out in any way I can.
- Reason why we should choose you to be a GM/PM - I think that you staff members should choose me to be GM/PM because i have been GM of many other servers (often known as the best<3) and i have much experience with CO and other games so i know how to be a GM and do my job. I also LOVE helping people because i understand there troubles in learning how to play a new game or a new server. I do not know any coding, but I'd love to learn, and would also be willing to spend my free time learning to help if needed.
- Former experience - GM/PM of many old/other servers , CloudsCO (etc)
- Knowledge of IncognitoCo- I know that this is probably one of the most known servers these days, and everyone loves it. There is a lot of people here that i don't know, but then again there is a lot that I do know, and i would love to get to know everyone. I have not played this server that much to know everything about it, but i could learn in minutes, and that is something im willing to do whether I am accepted or not because i love the server<3 Also the owners are very nice , and i would like to give a shoutout to Akera cause she is amazing and is one of the nicest people ive met on CO for years, Thank you for being there Akera <3
- Tell us a little about yourself- About my self, hmmmm .. this could get interesting xD I love to play sports, especially football. I skateboard and I ride bmx. I love video games, as you can tell im almost always online. I love to help people when they need it or when i feel its necessary. I do rage easy, Im not gonna lie, but ill do anything to make sure the person gets what they need without raging on them, ill keep it to myself. I am trying to learn how to code C# in my free time for fun. And last thing i would like to say, is i appreciate the staff of this server and would love to become a part of it. Thank you staff for having such a wonderful server and taking your time to make us proud <3

Thank you for taking your time reading this,


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Re: Apply for Staff Here

Post by Zanzibar on Wed Jul 27, 2011 4:08 pm

- Name: Brian

- Age: 16

- In game name: Zanzibar

- Location: NY, USA

- Languages spoken: English

- Hours available to be online: For a regular school day, it'll be around 2-4 hours in the afternoon, but if a weekend then it's varied but most of the time the whole day

- Reason for wanting to be a GM/PM: I want to help IncognitoCo advance further and a way I would do that is to be one of the coders on your team. Also in my experience of playing, most of the population is English speakers and not egy/br[which I don't hate playing with, it's just that language barrier that makes me annoyed].

- Reason why we should choose you to be a GM/PM: I have taken a programming class of C#, so I should be able to help you guys with technical errors, and even add stuff in. I would just need to familiarize with the source code since I haven't touched one in a few years.

- Former experience: I've owned several servers in the past, not recent but a few years ago, and all of these servers had positive results. But as I wasn't able to buy a dedicated server or even a VPS due to hardly any donations. So, I had to shutdown my servers. From my previous experience, I have the mindset of being a successful PM and I really don't give in to beggars and I don't think I'm an asshole since I hardly get mad over a game. Onto C# experience, I know pretty much the building blocks, ie loops, arrays, etc that are necessary in a conquer online server.

- Knowledge of IncognitoCo: With a little more hours of playing, I should be able to know most of the things on IncognitoCo, gameplay-wise.

- Tell us a little about yourself: I'll be taking an AP[Advanced Placement] Java class this following school year which will expand my knowledge on programming. Although it's a different language, all coding languages are similar in a way so it won't be hard for me to apply what I learned in java into c#.

If you want to have more of an extensive talk of what I can do, feel free to shoot me a PM, in game whisper or add me on msn @ Zanzibar_owns@hotmail . com


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Re: Apply for Staff Here

Post by Waltz on Wed Aug 17, 2011 6:20 pm

- Name: Jessica Waltzer
- Age: 18
- In game name: Jessica<3
- Location: Finland
- Languages spoken: English
- Hours available to be online: Enough
- Reason for wanting to be a GM/PM: I like to help players..Smile
- Reason why we should choose you to be a GM/PM: i hav experience of being pm,i have played conquer very long for now.. know all about it.
- Former experience: Being PM..andd Mod in Acid Estox ;D
- Knowledge of IncognitoCo: ...bretty good
- Tell us a little about yourself: Im very trustable and nice to noobs lol..? Free the Ganja!


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Re: Apply for Staff Here

Post by Truth on Fri Aug 19, 2011 12:50 am

- Name-Andrew !

- Age -17 =)

- In game name- Truth

- Location- Arlington,Texas

- Languages spoken- English, Vietnamese

- Hours available to be online- umm on a school day i'll probably be on the computer alot doing homework and stuff and i will definitely be on IncognitoCo helping out players. Anyways, Mon-Fri = Anytime Past 5:00PMCT Weekends - Maybe all day if im not busy.

- Reason for wanting to be a GM/PM- So I can help out new players, that are new to the server, or new to the game. That is the whole point of a GM/PM right ? =)

- Reason why we should choose you to be a GM/PM- I believe that If I get the honor of being a PM/GM I can help the server grow and make a more fun community for players =)

- Former experience- I used to be a PM on a PKP Conquer server, it ended because the owner wanted to pursue in his career and ended the server =( Ive done alot of webdesigning and um thats about it xD oh yeah, and been helping noobs since 08 xD

- Knowledge of IncognitoCo- I know alot about IncognitoCo from the 1 and a half week of Incognito, from Spouse quest to Hourly PKP Events xD So i'll be a good helper to new players that have no idea what those are !

- Tell us a little about yourself- I've been playing conquer for 4 years, 3 years on actual Co, and 1 year on P-servers. I'm asian ! I'm a pretty fun person to hang out with or I've been told. And I know alot of the players on Incognito and talked to alot of the staff. umm that pretty much sums it up !

Thanks for reading my application! Keep up the good work on the server !

P.S. - You'll probably find me somewhere in TC , Lab4 , or PKA =)

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Re: Apply for Staff Here

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