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Post by Casseh[PM] on Tue Jul 05, 2011 7:33 am

If you have any kind of problem with ANY staff member speak to an owner or e-mail [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

Rules of the server

1 - Respect our staff members.

2 - Do not beg for free Icps, levels, items or gold.

3 - No glitching, hacking, scamming or botting of any kind.

4 - Do not spam broadcast or message board.

5 - Avoid using offensive language, insults and racism on broadcasts or message board posts.

6 - Avoid doing lucky time in populated ares.

7 - Do not beg for GM/PM/STAFF.

8 - Do not spam in game chats in populated areas.

9 - No real world trading of accounts, items, gold, etc.

10 - A player is not allowed anymore than 4 accounts.

11 - The Server is old jump, the use of new jump is forbidden.

12 - Do not use anything that gives you a unfair advantage over other players (Shadow Edits are fine to use).

13 - You may only vote with one account every 12 hours, do not abuse this.

14 - Do not break our terms of service.

Rules of the chatbox

1. Respect our staff members.

2. Do not advertise other game servers.

3. No spamming of the chatbox what so ever.

4. Remove any emotions from your name, this lags players in game.

5. Do not beg for free Icps, items or gold. You will not get anything.

6. Keep your drama out of the chatbox.

7. Do not beg for GM/PM, there are requirements.

8. Keep cursing, swearing and racism out of the chatbox.

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