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Post by Casseh[PM] on Tue Jul 05, 2011 7:39 pm

I often receive the question on how to level up, so I decided to write up a guide on the way I usually leveled.

First off you would get some gear from the StarterGear NPC (442,384) in TwinCity, which gives you +5 1 socket with a SuperDragonGem equipment, excluding the weapons which gives +5 2 socket with SuperDragonGems. You also receive a NoobTalisman (cup) which will make all monsters hit you 1's, except for the msgr's monsters. I suggest you to get a wand to level with (if you do level with a wand do not forget to get the skill Snow).

You receive 500 Icps when you create a new account. With that you have enough to buy 10 ExpBalls and a DragonBall to use with DbLevel NPC (213,202) located in market. You should then have enough Icps to upgrade up your weapon and ring. You do not need to upgrade anything else since all that matters is the attack, besides everything else hits you for 1, so you do not need defense.

After you have upgraded your equipment, head over to Free5xPot (436,384) located in TwinCity. You may level at RedDevils or Lab4 which you can easily get to using the Lab.Transport NPC (396,237) in TwinCity, although it does cost you 4,000 Icps to enter.

Level yourself up to level 110 then head over to IncognitoVote (438,375) in TwinCity and vote for the server if you haven't done that yet. Then you may claim your 300k Icps.

I suggest you to put a 2nd socket in all your equipment and add in SuperDragonGems for more attack, which will give you more experience. Upgrade your weapon and ring before going back to level.

Once you are done all of this head over to Lab4 or Frozen Grotto (the CryptGuard NPC (410,387) in TwinCity will bring you to Grotto, but you need level 120 to enter) to finish leveling up to level 130.

If you are a Warrior it is fairly easy to level up to at least level 132.

I hope that this guide will help you out in the future.

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