JadeKylin Quest

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JadeKylin Quest

Post by Casseh[PM] on Tue Jul 05, 2011 8:51 pm

Reward: 50,000 Icps

Items Required: JadeKylin and a Meteor

Requirements: Ability to kill SandMonsterL68, HillMonsterL73, RockMonsterL78, BladeGhostL83, SandMonsterMsgr, HillMonsterMsgr, RockMonsterMsgr, BladeGhostMsgr, SandMonsterAide, HillMonsterAide, RockMonsterAide, BladeGhostAide, SandMonsterKing, HillMonsterKing, RockMonsterKing, BladeGhostKing or StoneBandit. These monsters are all located in DesertCity.

What to do:

1 - Go to DesertCity and kill any of the mobs listed above. These mobs may or may not drop a JadeKylin.

2 - Once you have a JadeKylin, you need a Meteor, these are dropped by monsters or you may buy them from ShoppingMall.

3 - Once you have a JadeKylin and a Meteor, find the npc called JadeTradeIn located in the Market at (232,156). Trade the NPC the JadeKylin and Meteor for 50,000 Icps.

Suggestion: Collect more than one JadeKylin to trade in at a time.

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