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Pheonix Training Grounds Empty Pheonix Training Grounds

Post by Casseh[PM] on Tue Jul 05, 2011 9:02 pm

Requirements: Level 120

Location: "PheonixTG" in TwinCity at (377,312)

Information: Phoenix Training Ground is a new training ground designed for leveling skills such as Phoenix, Celestial, Penetration, etc. Using the Phoenix Training Ground is exactly the same speed as leveling any of these skills at the guild gate and you won't have to worry about players attacking or killing you. There is no cost or level requirements to enter the PhoenixTG, just find the npc called "PhoenixTG" located in TwinCity at (377,312).

PhoenixTG has a total of 48 PhoenixStake's which multiple players can use. If you want to exit the training grounds you can either scroll out or use the space marker called "Exit" located at (051,073).

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