What is new from patch 1006-1008

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What is new from patch 1006-1008 Empty What is new from patch 1006-1008

Post by Sheldo[PM] on Tue Aug 02, 2011 1:40 am

Whats new?

- Since patch 1006, we added a temporary protection against bots, a update to the 120 shield, fixed the auto patcher for the new host and added good working anti-bot protection system.

- For those of you having troubles with your virus scanner and the "Conquer.exe" this is due to the protection put on the file to prevent bots. The file is completely safe and in no way harmful to your computer. To fix this issue you will either have to add the file to your scanner's list of exceptions or change to a different virus scanner.

- Since the auto patcher is working again, you can now run the client with the "Incognito Launcher.exe".

- As for the 120 shield, nothing big, Just added the glow effect to it on the client.

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