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GM's/PM's FAQ Empty GM's/PM's FAQ

Post by Casseh[PM] on Tue Jul 05, 2011 8:20 am

Here is a list of frequently asked questions I receive on a daily basis.

1 - Question: Can I be a GM/PM?

Answer: Sheldon and I will come to our players when we are in need of staff members. A tip that will help is to get to know the players and the staff members. We will not make someone a GM/PM if we do not know you a bit personally. Also you may send in an application in our "Apply for Staff" topic.

2 - Question: Can you give me items, Icps or gold?

Answer: No, none of our staff members have permission to give away items, Icps or gold. The only exclusion is events in which we give away various sorts of prizes depending on the event.

3 - Question: I’m a new player, how can I get gear?

Answer: You can get free gear at the Starter Gear NPC (442,384) located in Twin City.

4 - Question: What are the Icps drops?

Answer: The Icps drop rate for normal monsters is 100 Icps. This excludes all monsters in Lab4 and 1st Floor of Dis City, they are both 300 Icps. Also, 2nd Floor of Dis City and the Frozen Grotto both drop 500 Icps.

5 - Question: Where are all of the upgrade NPC's?

Answer: They are located in the Upgrade Area of the market place which can be accessed by using the Market Transport (211,210).

6 - Question: How can I upgrade my weapons to level 135?

Answer: You can upgrade your weapons normally using DragonBalls with the AdvancedUpgrade NPC (091,189). The rest of the Aigonz set have to be upgraded using the AigonzUpgrade (091,195) located in the Upgrade Area in market which an AigonzSoul is required per item.

7 - Question: Which monsters drop JadeKylin?

Answer: SandMonsterL68, HillMonsterL73, RockMonsterL78, BladeGhostL83, SandMonsterMsgr, HillMonsterMsgr, RockMonsterMsgr, BladeGhostMsgr, SandMonsterAide, HillMonsterAide, RockMonsterAide, BladeGhostAide, SandMonsterKing, HillMonsterKing, RockMonsterKing, BladeGhostKing or StoneBandit. These monsters are all located in DesertCity.

8 - Question: Where can I trade in my JadeKylin(s)?

Answer: You can trade in your JadeKylin(s) with the JadeTradeIn NPC (232,158) in Market.

9 - Question: Why can't I LuckyTime in Twin City?

Answer: Because Twin City is a populated area and our rules state that you cannot use luckytime in populated areas. Please, use it outside the Twin City square (by the WhsGuardian NPc (411,394) is considered outside). Feel free to use the WaitingMap NPC (451,293) in TwinCity to use LuckyTime.

10 - Question: How can I level up after level 130?

Answer: You may pay 3 million Icps for ONE level at CloudSaint (194,201).

11 - Question: Why can't I claim my voting Icps?

Answer: To claim your voting Icps you need to be at least level 110.

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GM's/PM's FAQ Empty Re: GM's/PM's FAQ

Post by IDGAF[PM] on Thu Jul 14, 2011 6:02 pm

12- Question: What are some easy ways I can get icp?

Answer: The first way to gain icp easily is by voting for the server every 12 hours. This can be done by clicking on the Incognito Vote NPC in Twin City which will direct you to the voting page. Put in your login name and you can vote from there. The reward for voting is 300k icp which you can claim after you are level 110. Other ways include icp quests such as Sun Diamond quest, Jade Kylin, and Spouse quest; walkthrough guides for the quests can be found on the forum.

13- Question: What’s the easiest way to level?

Answer: The easiest way to level would be to grab a free exp pot from the free 5xpot NPC and go to lab 4. Admittance to lab 4 is 4k icp and the monsters there are level 150. Be sure to have on your noob talisman!

14- Question: What are raids and where can I find them?

Answer: Raids are level 500 monsters that give 100k cp per kill. You can find them in each city when they spawn. You will know they’ve spawned when the GM system message comes up.

15- Question: When I log on I see a message telling me to claim my prize in the market, how do I claim that prize?

Answer: If you see that message it means that you didn’t claim your icp from voting. Click on the IncognitoVote NPC in Twin City and claim your icp.

16- Question: Can I vote more than once?

Answer: You can only vote once every 12 hours per IP address. Abusing voting will result in a kick or ban.

17- Question: How can I get out of GW Jail?

Answer: The Warden lets you out every 15 minutes. Keep checking back to see when he let’s you out.

18- Question: How can I get skills that are of a different class?

Answer: You can donate for special skills on this website.

19- Can you change my character name?

Answer: Yes but name changes are now done by donation only.

20- Question: When does Guild war end?

Answer: Sundays at 3:30 PM est.

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