Spouse Quest

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Spouse Quest

Post by Casseh[PM] on Tue Jul 05, 2011 8:56 pm

Reward: 500,000 Icps each white rose.

Items Required: 30 RedRoses, 2 WhiteRoses

Requirements: Spouse and ability to kill LittlePiglets and the GiantPiglet.

What to do:

1 - Create a team and have only your spouse join it.

2 - Talk to the npc called "TrueLoveFairy" located in TwinCity at (429,366) and choose the option "Sure" to enter (Your spouse must be next to you)

3 - Kill LittlePiglets and collect 30 RedRoses between you and your spouse.

4 - After you and your spouse have collected 30 RedRoses together, go to (006,189) and talk to the "TrueLoveFairy" npc and choose the option "Yes" (The team leader must be the one holding the 30 roses and the one interacting with the npc). You will now be teleported to 1 out of 3 boss maps. There are a total of 3 boss maps, if a boss map is occupied you will teleport to another one. If all boss are occupied, you will have to wait until other players are done.

5 - Kill the GiantPiglet and collect the 2 WhiteRoses dropped (One for you and one for your spouse)

6 - Return to the "TrueLoveFairy" npc located in TwinCity at (429,366) and trade her your WhiteRose by using the option "Trade WhiteRose" and you will be rewarded 500,000 Icps (Your spouse should trade in his/her WhiteRose aswell).

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